Jesse is a Geelong local that has been working in the health industry since 2013. His background in the Health and Wellbeing area has given him exposure to the benefits people receive from looking after their own Health and Wellbeing.

The idea of Geelong Corporate Wellness comes from the saying “A happy worker is a hard worker”. I am sure we can all agree that if you are happy and enjoy what you are doing then nothing is too hard. So that is what we want to create for our clients, a workplace environment that has lots of energy, a great culture and in turn happy and hard workers.

 A happy worker is a hard worker.


We try and achieve that by working closely with the employer on what they would like to be able to offer to their staff. You can see on our services page that we offer a variety of things. 

One of the things that our services do is create a sense of comradery and a great culture in the workplace. Staff know that their employer values them and has their health and wellbeing as a priority in and out of the workplace. It can give employees more time at home with loved ones rather than going to a 6am training session.

As a Myotherapist, Jesse was seeing a lot of people with musculoskeletal problems brought on from their occupation. A lot of them preventable through movement and relaxation techniques. Having done some Corporate Massage in the Geelong area he could see the benefits that staff and employers were getting from such a simple exercise. This is what started the ball rolling and ideas started flowing with more activities that staff and employers could benefit from

Stress is one of top preventable reasons for staff absence. Choose one of our relaxation inspired services to help your staff de-stress and clear their minds.

Strengthen and stimulate your staff’s minds through physically and mentally engaging workshops.

Give staff the opportunity to be inspired. Access to one or many of our workshops can motivate your staff, improving productivity and results.

creating a positive & healthy workplace

Speak to Jesse personally to learn more about how Geelong Corporate Wellness could benefit your business, please fill out your details below and expect our prompt attention.